Control Hub

Manage, optimize and monitor all your APIs and Integrations in one place

Control Hub

Manage Integration Clusters

  • Manage and observe hybrid, multi-cluster deployments
  • Easily scale deployments based on demand and usage
  • Get powerful real-time insights as logs, configurations or traits

Leverage the power of multi-cloud container based architectures and easily deploy, observe and release services wherever needed. Choose between any combination of managed cloud services, on-premises deploymeny or use our Sandbox to try something out.


Deploy containers at scale

Manage your containerized Integrations across all clusters in one place. Deep-dive into the actual state, deploy, undeploy, scale, manage settings and monitor logs, all in real-time.

Deploy containers at scale

State of the platform at a glance

Control Hub constantly monitors the status of the connected clusters and all containerized Integrations for you. Get ahead of any issues before the business gets impacted.

State of the platform at a glance

Automated CI/CD for safer roll-outs

Whether manual or fully automated release pipelines using GitOps-style processes. Our platform easily plugs into your CI/CD stack and helps you improve quality and stability at every stage.

Automated CI/CD for safer roll-outs
3rd Party

Pluggable Monitoring

We believe in best-of-breed and encourage our users to use the best technologies at every angle of their stack. We natively fit into stacks like Prometheus for metrics, Elastic for logs, or OpenTelemetry for observability.

Pluggable Monitoring

Building open-source Integrations and APIs has never been easier



  • Deploy and undeploy
  • Manage stages and clusters
  • Setup auto-scaling and replicas


  • List status of all integrations
  • Inspect logs in real-time
  • Integration details and summary


  • Promote integrations between stages
  • Inspect exchange data on-the-fly

Containerized API & Integration DevOps without the headache

Containerized Integration DevOps without the headache
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